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Why ketogenic diet for seizures

We usually see the child for a one-hour office visit before admission to the ketogenic diet program. Adolescents and adults may do better on a modified version of the keto diet, such as the modified Atkins diet or the low-glycemic index diet. Authored By. These studies found the ketogenic diet can increase certain bacteria species… Read More »

Low fat in diet harful

The all-or-nothing mentality prevails in our society, but moderation is our mantra when it comes to exercise, eating and setting goals. Still, there’s one thing that many of us fear so much that we forgo moderation and head to extremes: fat. The residual effects of the low-fat craze of the s linger, causing many people… Read More »

Samsung Announces Health-Focused Galaxy Watch3 Smartwatch

August 7th, 2020 Scott Jung Cardiology, Informatics, OTC, Sports Medicine Electronics giant Samsung recently held their virtual “Galaxy Unpacked” event where they announced the latest upgrades to their popular mobile devices. Along with phones, tablets, and earbuds, Samsung unveiled the newest version of their smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch3. The Watch3 has several new features and… Read More »

Low caeb gr in low carb diet

Drink water with your meal or occasionally a glass of wine. Unless you’re eating a bowl of oatmeal or a side of brown rice, it’s more likely that you’re eating foods made with grains, such as bread, pasta or cereal. Try combining with salsa for a taco bowl, mix with soy sauce for stir-fry or… Read More »