Low carb high protein diet for obese

To evaluate the efficacy and safety of a carbohydrate restricted versus a low fat diet on weight loss, metabolic markers, body composition, and cardiac function tests in severely obese adolescents. After the intervention, no clinical contact was made until follow-up measurements were obtained at 24 and 36 weeks from baseline. The primary outcome was change… Read More »

A patient’s COVID-19 reflections

In this age of the coronavirus pandemic, every moment of life takes on new meaning and importance. Decisions must be made based upon facts known, not assumed. Everything requires careful thought and planning, like a trip to the pharmacy for refills of prescriptions or a trip to the local grocery store to pick up needed… Read More »

What is leopards diet

Their body is long and they have a relatively large skull. They can take down prey diet is up to three times larger than they are. Temperate broadleaf and mixed forest. AWF researchers have placeds GPS collars on individuals to study their populations, evaluate research competition with other what, and study this species interactions with… Read More »

Pfizer plans to ditch Perth sterile injectables manufacturing site by 2024, endangering 470 positions

After years of manufacturing woes, Pfizer appeared to turn a corner earlier this year for its growing sterile injectables portfolio. But even with signs trending upward, Pfizer is preparing to exit an Australian site specializing in those drugs as part of a global reorganization effort.  Pfizer will walk away from its more than 50-year-old facility in… Read More »

Diet food to keep at the office

Snacking choice in the office your Greek yogurt with chickpeas, healthy and energetic at the same time could be tricky. Mix it up: Try topping is bit confusing because staying olives, and cherry tomatoes to make a savory yogurt treat. The best snacks are fresh fruits and veggies- simply wash and bring them to your… Read More »