USU Software License Management Solutions Receive ITAM Review Certification

USU’s applications for enterprise SaaS management and SAP license management meet the high standards for use in complex companies. Möglingen, January 19, 2023. USU, the world’s leading specialist in software asset management (SAM) solutions, has received the international recognized “Enterprise SaaS Management Certification” from ITAM Review for its SaaS management software. The solution for optimal… Read More »

New Startup ‘Cult’ Releasing Chemtrails

Since the beginning of human history, man has sought to control his environment. What started with building shelters and fences, has grown to controlling the weather. Make Sunsets, a startup company with primary offices in Mexico, claims to have released two weather balloons with sulfur particles in April 2022 in the state of Baja California,… Read More »

Propaganda Perpetuates the Pandemic and Censorship

In the video above,1,2 initially published in August 2021, professor Piers Robinson, Ph.D. — co-director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies, whose research specialty is organized persuasive communication and contemporary propaganda — speaks to Asia Pacific Today about propaganda in the age of COVID. As noted by Robinson, COVID-19 is unquestionably the largest, most sophisticated… Read More »