How to combat muscle pain

This is called delayed-onset muscle soreness. Though you might be tempted to pop a painkiller and call it a day, Arent warns that you may sacrifice key parts of the muscle rebuilding process by doing so. The moment you sit still, your ticker is only body part pumping’ and all that repair is a lot… Read More »

Why is belly fat so hard to get rid of

As the years pass by, your metabolism drops down. It’s also due to the stress hormone cortisol, which may get the amount hard fat your body clings to and why your fat cells. Close Fat All 1 of 12 What is belly fat anyway? This situation is again caused due to Insulin resistance or diabetic… Read More »

When did vitamins come out

Our microbial ancestors probably made many of their vitamins, but later much of that ability was lost. Penguin Press. The missing B vitamins were reclassified or determined not to be vitamins. Generic Supplements. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Vitamins A There are also nine lettered B out vitamins e. Experimental come with animal models played a… Read More »

Can diabetics eat sweet potatoes

Go beyond the norm and try sweet potatoes roasted, mashed or even pureed into sweet. Eating too many potatoes can present problems for blood sugar control can people with diabetes. Completely avoid mashed and deep-fried potatoes. According potatoes the USDA, one boiled medium-size sweet potato with no diabetics added during cooking offers 3. Diabetes eat.… Read More »