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Bright Outdoor Lights Tied to Less Sleep, More Anxiety in Teenagers

Artificial outdoor light at night may disrupt adolescents’ sleep and raise the risk for psychiatric disorders, a new study suggests. Researchers tracked the intensity of outdoor light in representative urban and rural areas across the country using satellite data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They interviewed more than 10,123 adolescents living in these… Read More »

What causes anxiety nausea

During my senior year of college, my social life looked like this: I’d get a text from someone inviting me out for the night—it didn’t matter where: a party, a movie, a drink at a local bar—and I’d accept eagerly, being an obnoxious extrovert who welcomed any excuse not to study. But every time, an… Read More »

How to get diazepam for anxiety

You can drink a small amount of alcohol while taking diazepam but having the two together is likely to make you very sleepy. You may feel forgetful, very sleepy, and find it difficult to concentrate when you start taking diazepam. Once I started talking Valium I had no other issue’s with think clear, nor had… Read More »

Abilify used for anxiety

Recently, atypical antipsychotics have been considered for treatment-resistant anxiety disorders. This review will explore the available data for the role of aripiprazole in the treatment of anxiety. METHODS: PubMed and conference abstracts were searched for randomized, double-blind studies that investigated the efficacy of aripiprazole in anxiety; its efficacy in bipolar disorder and depression was also… Read More »