Cookbook author suggests adding potato chips to recipes to avoid ‘fatphobia’

The Washington Post published a piece that oddly suggested readers should put potato chips in their food to avoid being “being fat-phobic.” The Post published a recipe from author Julia Turshen’s cookbook Tuesday headlined, “Crush some chips into your fish cakes: Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean being fat-phobic,” turned instructions on preparing “ricotta and potato chip fish cakes with peas”… Read More »

Family Friendly Easter Trivia

Easter was one of my favorite holidays on many levels growing up. Mainly because of my family always gathered together for a meal and hunting for eggs. Or maybe because my mom always made sure we had a brand spanking new outfit every Easter growing up. Maybe it was the deviled eggs? The traditions of… Read More »

Where Is Charles Sobhraj, Who Calls Himself ‘Alain Gautier’ in Netflix’s The Serpent, Now?

Netflix recently picked up the BBC series The Serpent for U.S distribution, adding to an already bloated collection of stream-able serial killer content. The drama series, however, may provide a change of pace to the “true-crime” genre, which, for the streaming site, includes mostly originally produced documentaries and docuseries. It may also be a redundant… Read More »