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Councils and road authorities to benefit from asset efficiency with Optima Hub

Warwick, U.K., 19th July 2021 – Telent’s newly deployed Intelligent Transport System will provide a scalable and futureproof solution for councils and road authorities across the UK. Optima Hub remotely monitors and integrates data from roadside controllers and sensors. The solution enables that information to be accessible via a centralised, browser-based system allowing for increased… Read More »

Learn to speak wine, from A to Z

For centuries the world of wine has had its own dictionary and terminology which seemed designed to make anyone outside of that industry feel inferior. These days we are all much more wine-savvy and speak with confidence when describing a wine or even wine-making techniques. If some wine words have slipped out of your vocabulary… Read More »

What Should We Even Expect from the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight?

If you haven’t heard, the influencer boxing movement—which has been propelled by bazillion-dollar-making fights featuring YouTubers such as KSI, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul over the past few years—is just boxing now. As of this Sunday, if we haven’t called it already, the movement will crash into mainstream boxing. And like it or not, it… Read More »

Deaths from coronavirus ‘breakthrough’ cases rare, CDC says

Deaths among people who contract the coronavirus after being vaccinated, known as “breakthrough cases,” are low, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. The CDC found 160 deaths due to breakthrough cases between the beginning of the vaccination campaign in December and April 30. That is just 2% of the more than 10,000… Read More »

How Many Have Died From COVID Vaccines?

In a May 5, 2021, Fox News report, Tucker Carlson asked the question no one is really allowed to ask: “How many Americans have died after taking the COVID vaccine?”1 If you haven’t paid attention, the answer to this verboten (forbidden) question may shock you. Carlson points out (inaccurately, if you ask me) that vaccines… Read More »