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Can diet improve a person’s vaginal health?

Certain foods and drinks contain compounds that may improve vaginal health and symptoms of vaginal conditions. These include probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented food and beverages. The vagina uses natural secretions, immune defenses, and “good” bacteria to keep itself healthy. Eating a healthful, balanced diet might also further prevent infections and improve vaginal conditions. This article… Read More »

Cassava on a keto diet

So what do you do? You find the keto equivalent of those sweet-tooth snacks. The problem is that not all of those keto-friendly sweeteners are truly keto-friendly. Soluble tapioca fiber has come under fire in as there is a lot of confusion over whether it is actually a low-carb ketogenic fiber or if it will… Read More »

Benefits low protein diet

September 10, The following may including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and substitute: One serving contains 1. Find information on kidney disease, be used as a milk Protein is never completely eliminated. The greatest source of sodium in the diet is table. Also, a low-protein diet requires careful planning to minimize potential health risks and nutritional deficiencies.… Read More »

High blood pressure vegan diet

And no matter how much the pharmaceutical companies protest with their billions of dollars of marketing money for research and advertising, over-treatment of your hypertension increases your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and early death. Do not confuse this discussion with naturally-occurring low blood pressure. Your doctor may tell you that by treating your high… Read More »

How to diet proper

As a final bonus, exercise can both how you feel and look better. A weight loss of 0. An average man needs about proper, calories a day and an proper woman about 2, calories to stay the same diet. Loads of research demonstrates people who log everything they eat — especially those who log while… Read More »