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New Study Links Phthalates to Cardiovascular Disease

Phthalates are chemical compounds primarily used in plastics. Past research has identified a link between phthalates and cardiovascular disease,1 and a recent study2 has helped to identify at least one mechanism linking phthalate exposure to cardiovascular disease. A review published in 20163 showed that there was a significantly increased risk to cardiovascular disease and infertility… Read More »

Media Twists Findings of Study Linking High Serotonin to Dementia

Serotonin, routinely misrepresented as the “happy hormone,” is actually an antimetabolite, meaning it suppresses your body’s ability to create energy in the electron transport chain of your mitochondria. As a result, high serotonin can lead to fatigue, a slower metabolism and weight gain. The drug industry has a strong incentive to suppress bad press about… Read More »

Case Study Reveals How Cognitive Decline Can Be Reversed

Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form of dementia, eventually leads to the inability to carry out even the most basic of bodily functions, such as swallowing or walking. It is ultimately fatal, as conventional treatment options are few and universally ineffective. Like autism among children, Alzheimer’s among seniors has reached epidemic proportions, with… Read More »