Just one in three of us feels we have a grip on our mental health

By | July 1, 2020

Only a third of people feel in control of their mental health, research shows as the impact of Covid-19 is explored.

The Irish Life ‘Health of the Nation’ study highlights fewer people are happier in 2020 than in the two years prior to the pandemic.

The national Mental Health Index has fallen from 637 points, out of 1,000, in 2018, to 609 points in 2020.

The national Happiness Index, which stood at 752 points in 2018, has also declined to 687 points.

The study found more than one in four are struggling to fall asleep more than half the time, 80pc feel anxious at least occasionally, 73pc feel down or depressed, 65pc are restless and 64pc are finding it difficult to switch off in the evenings.

Psychotherapist Jason Brennan said: “While this is a very normal reaction to a very abnormal situation, we can all learn how to combat these feelings in a healthy way, for example, through a mix of things like exercise, writing, music or talking to a friend.”

The Physical Health Index has remained constant. Out of a score of 1,000, it went from 524 in 2018 to 522 in 2019 and 523 in 2020.

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