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Is Zinc Deficiency Behind the Dramatic Spike in Yeast Infections?

Three out of four women will have a vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime and an estimated 140 million women worldwide suffer recurrent infections.1 Recurrent infections can have a significantly detrimental impact on quality of life, and because resistance against existing treatments is on the rise, women are in dire need of viable treatment alternatives.… Read More »

Melatonin — A Standard of Treatment Adjunct for Acute Infections?

This article was previously published October 19, 2020, and has been updated with new information. According to a June 2020 research paper,1 melatonin2,3 may be an important adjunct to COVID-19 treatment. Incidentally, while not emphasized, melatonin is an optional addition to the highly effective MATH+ protocol promoted by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working… Read More »

Covid-19: UK breaches 3,000 cases for first time in a MONTH as infections spike 18% in a week

Professor Lockdown warns TIGHTER restrictions may be needed as UK breaches 3,000 Covid cases for first time in a month with spike of 18% in a week amid spread of Indian variant – but deaths stay in single figures with nine victims Covid deaths have remained in single figures, with nine fatalities recorded today —… Read More »

What are anti fungal infections

20 Signs What are anti fungal infections Inflammation And 20 Ways To Fight Back Naturally! Ringworm is the fungus that causes both jock itch and athlete’s foot. Please see our privacy policy for more information. A fungus is one of a wide range of living organisms, some of them beneficial to health, others less so.… Read More »