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VELOS IoT launched – leading provider of connectivity to the Internet of Things

Jersey, Channel Islands Velos IoT, a leading supplier of connectivity to the Internet of Things, was launched this morning. Velos combines the businesses of Jersey based JT IoT, Estonia’s Top Connect and Danish Nextm2m into a global powerhouse providing connectivity to over 12m cellular devices around the world. With a heritage dating back to 2014,… Read More »

CMS to resume healthcare provider audits August 3 – ModernHealthcare.com

CMS will resume auditing healthcare providers’ Medicare claims in two weeks, months after suspending such work due to COVID-19. The agency performs a variety of fee-for-service claims reviews, many through private contractors, to ensure hospitals, physician clinics and other healthcare providers weren’t overpaid for services. It temporarily put most audits on hold in March when… Read More »

13 key factors in selecting the right cloud provider

The ability to leverage disaster recovery between multiple locations The data center of a highly redundant cloud service provider rarely will experience an outage. However, it is far more likely that the traditional causes of implementing disaster recovery will occur—user error, software errors and even ransomware can happen in a cloud environment. In those cases,… Read More »

The Liability of Outside Provider Orders and What Could be Done About It

By HANS DUVEFELT, MD As a family doctor I receive a lot of reports from emergency room visits, consultations and hospitalizations. Many such reports include a dozen or more blood tests, several x-rays and several prescriptions. Ideally I would read all these reports in some detail and be more than casually familiar with what happens… Read More »