Green tea vs coffee for anxiety

By | May 25, 2020

green tea vs coffee for anxiety

We love coffee. Although coffee has some essential nutrients and is also known to reduce your risk for Type 2 diabetes, there are some downsides of throwing back multiple lattes in a day, such as increased anxiety and trouble sleeping at night. Hate to break it to ya, but you might be better off trading in your cappuccino for a black tea. A serving of black tea contains between mg of caffeine, while a cup of green tea has mg. You can only eat so many blueberries before you need a change of pace, and tea is the perfect solution. Green tea is famous for its healing benefits, but many white teas are packed full of antioxidants that can fight off an assortment of health problems and leaving you feeling great. Do some experimenting and find out which blend packs the most punch while providing you with the flavors you crave.

However, coffee isn’t your only choice for morning caffeine. Green teas, which are created by treating fresh tea leaves with steaming or gentle heating, have less caffeine in them than black teas or coffee, but enough to give you a boost. They also have a host of other health benefits. If you’re looking for a way to perk up in the morning but are increasingly dissatisfied with coffee, switching from coffee to green tea might be a great option. There isn’t one uniform type of green tea; there are a lot of varieties, including those with added flavors like flowers or herbs. Smoky, roasted green teas like hojicha taste very different from steamed teas like sencha because of their method of production — and leaf teas taste much better than anything you get in a teabag. Sorry, but it’s true. However, all green teas have particular ingredients and compounds that can affect your health.

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