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Covid vaccine side effects: The two rare side effects you need to know about

Common side effects, such as a fever, or chills, show that the vaccine has been effective in stimulating an adaptive immune response. Most people experience soreness and redness around the site of injection. There are two rare side effects from the Covid vaccine being reported. Why lymph nodes become swollen after vaccination The immune system… Read More »

Covid vaccine: More people suffer from side effects after second Pfzier jab in new data

King’s College London is behind the world’s largest ongoing study of Covid, including vaccine side effects. The latest research by the Covid Symptom Study provides details on what to expect from the second Pfizer jab. “After effects are more common the second time around,” the researchers confirmed. One in five people have reported that they… Read More »

Statin effects of low carb diet

A recent study published in the online journal Lipids in Health and Disease demonstrates that low-carbohydrate diets act in much the same way statin drugs do to reduce cholesterol. Although every cell can make cholesterol, most is made in the liver and small intestine. The fact that every cell can make cholesterol should at least… Read More »