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Same-sex sexual behavior in animals: Do we have it all wrong?

Many animals, from a range of phyla and species, display same-sex sexual behaviors. This has intrigued evolutionary biologists, but have they been looking at the subject all wrong? Share on PinterestResearchers suggest a new way of looking at same-sex sexual behavior in animals. Over the years, researchers have discovered that many animals sometimes engage in… Read More »

7 women in family who had surgeries for ‘Jolie gene’ learn results may have been wrong 

Seven women in one family who had their breasts and ovaries removed after testing positive for ‘Angelina Jolie gene’ learn their results may have been WRONG – and there could be dozens more Katy Mathes, 37, from Colorado, tested positive for a mutation of the BRCA gene in 2015 The gene carries an increased risk… Read More »

Family learns BRCA test was wrong — after 7 women had major surgery

A series of lab tests that detected a potentially dangerous gene in seven women from one family were wrong, the family learned earlier this year — after they underwent major surgeries to reduce their chances of cancer. “I treated my test results like the Bible,” Katy Mathes, a 37-year-old Colorado elementary school teacher told The… Read More »