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‘Unknown Pneumonia’ in Kazakhstan Is Deadlier Than Coronavirus, Warns Chinese Embassy, Here’s What Is Known So Far

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The Chinese embassy has warned that the ‘unknown pneumonia,’ is even deadlier than COVID-19 and also reportedly recorded about 628 deaths in just about a month. In this article, we will explore on to what is known about this pneumonia so far. Lifestyle | Latest Information on Breaking News & Updates… Read More »

With Allergy Season Here, Itchy Throat, Nose ‘More Likely To Be Allergies Rather Than The Coronavirus’ – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The warm weather is bringing a flood of pollen and doctors say allergy symptoms can be similar to some symptoms of COVID-19. Allergies are known to cause some respiratory problems and so can the coronavirus. While there is some overlap, doctors say the symptoms are distinct. People were out around the Philadelphia… Read More »

More than half of Americans want money, control in exchange for genetic data

As people become more aware of privacy concerns and the ways in which genomic database companies are profiting from their data, their expectations for compensation and control may increase, according to researchers at Penn State and Cornell University. “As human genomic data collection rises, the organizations responsible for managing these data are developing and refining… Read More »