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Pilates for Amazing Sex

One of the fundamental principles of Pilates involves learning how to engage and control the muscles of the pelvic floor and internal abdominals (think vagina!!!). Pilates, especially on the Reformer, is an amazing way to get in shape and get a rocking hard body. Celebrities such as Madonna, Charlize Theron, and Jamie Leigh Curtis swear by it. Pilates teaches women… Read More »


There are many reasons why people decide to embark on a new or improved Pilates program. The overall objective normally is the same, and that is to improve core strength, flexibility and coordination. It is adopted as a main form of exercise by some while others use it to improve their performance in other activities.… Read More »

Which is better yoga or pilates

If you haven’t yet decided for sure whether yoga or Pilates is what you want to do, yoga has been known to have a lot of beneficial effects on mental health. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 624, body and soul type of way! I was doubtful about which… Read More »