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How common is cat allergies

Coping with an allergy to cats is nothing to sneeze at. Share on Pinterest Carpets and rugs may trap cat allergens, so they are not recommended. If allergen levels are low or sensitivity is minor, symptoms may not appear until after several days of contact with the pet. It’s also important to note that you… Read More »

Sex Dreams: What Are Intercourse, Masturbation and Other Common Sex-Related Dreams? Do They Mean Anything?

Sex Dreams (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image) Sex and sex-related dreams are more common than you may think! And it must not be attached to any kind of stigma because you really cannot control them. Just like you dream about anything else, you also dream about sex which is a normal part… Read More »

Raynaud’s Syndrome – the condition that’s as common as hay fever that most people don’t know they have

It’s as common as hay fever and arthritis, yet 80 per cent of the people who have Raynaud’s Syndrome don’t even realise it. Here’s what you need to know, Olivia Hartland-Robbins reports  Does the colder weather turn your hands a white or blue colour? Do you often lose sensation in your fingers and toes when… Read More »

Why is anxiety more common now

Why is anxiety more common now they would their father; worried that you are ‘less than’ what you are supposed to be makes you not trust yourself, trying to be “a perfect human being”. Increasing electronic world we have where everyone is connected by e, the tougher question is why people seem to be suffering… Read More »