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Viewpoints: It May Be Expensive To Buy Insulin But It Is Cheap To Buy A Senator; Plight Of Children Far More Important Than Warren, Sanders Spat

Opinion writers tackle these and other health issues. Boston Globe: Forget Medicare For All — Americans Are Being Overcharged For Health Care In sharp contrast to how German legislators behave, despite drug prices in the United States rising 139 percent between 2000 and 2016, Congress continues to forbid the Department of Health and Human Services… Read More »

Can diabetics on insulin drink alcohol

If this happens, drinks low in carbohydrates are best. Even can diabetics on insulin drink alcohol you are not on insulin, you should talk to your doctor about your insulin dosages when you plan on drinking. Other precautions include not drinking on an empty stomach, individuals with Type 1 diabetes or who are on medications… Read More »

Who made insulin for diabetics

Humulin, as the commercial product was called, revolutionized diabetes treatment when it became widely available in the early 1980s. In a second step, a chemical process combined them. In the early 1920s, researchers strongly suspected that diabetes was caused by a malfunction in the digestive system related to the pancreas gland, a small organ that… Read More »