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How runaway healthcare costs are a threat to older adults — and what to do about it

Empowering Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices, accelerating the adoption of value-based care, using philanthropy as a catalyst for reform and expanding senior-specific models of care are among recommendations for reducing healthcare costs published in a new special report and supplement to the Winter 2019-20 edition of Generations, the journal of the American Society of… Read More »

Which multivitamin is best for adults

The transparency won big points with us — not just for being different than other multivitamins, but because it means we know exactly what’s in these vitamins — the ingredients and where they came from. Vitamin C: Essential for your immune system and collagen production. You get 180 gummies per bottle and they’re the perfect… Read More »

Can stress cause acne in adults

You’ll get the best results teaming up with a doctor, since you can work together to slowly eliminate foods and identify triggers. How to clear up hormonal acne: This type of adult acne commonly develops on the lower third of your face, along the jawline, chin, and mouth, says Dr. Can Can stress cause acne… Read More »