Can You Really Stay Younger Longer?

We have stated in our books that a person has two ages. The first is that persons chronological  age. The other is the physiological age. If you follow a good program of exercise, nutrition and stress management it is possible look and feel better than your calendar age. This is one of the reasons that… Read More »

Dr William Frankland, allergy scientist pioneer, dies aged 108 – BBC News

Dr William Frankland, a British immunologist who transformed the world’s understanding of allergies, has died aged 108. His pioneering work included developing the idea of a pollen count to help hay fever sufferers. Dr Frankland, whose medical career spanned 70 years, was known as “the grandfather of allergy”. As a British army doctor in World… Read More »

Sensors to go are coming of age

When healthcare experts in Europe started debating whether or not to reimburse digital health applications two years ago, Josef Hecken, a very senior German health politician, said in an interview that health insurance companies should not be obliged to pay for “fun applications”. Hecken is head of the German healthcare system’s governing board for reimbursement… Read More »